2 Dartmouth Dr., Lewes,  Delaware 19958


1. Pool opens on Memorial Day Weekend and is closed the day after Labor Day. Hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
seven days a week. Pool may be used only during these hours. A shower is required before entering the pool.
2. Pool is available to all HOA Members in good standing, their dues current, and a maximum of 5 guests per
day. Tenants with a minimum 12 month rental agreement and given temporary possession by the owner of
their electronic pool access pass, also have pool privileges. Tenants are guests of the owner and are not
permitted guests of their own. Owners are responsible for securing their electronic pool access pass at the
termination of the renter’s lease. If a renter behaves in violation of pool rules, the owner will be notified and
their electronic pool access pass disabled and revoked. The owner is ultimately responsible for the behavior
of their tenants.
3. No Life Guard is on duty. Members, tenants and guests enjoy the pool at their own risk and it must be
vacated in the event of rain, thunder or lightning.
4. Pool is a Private Self-Monitoring Facility. Volunteer pool monitors, or any HOA Member may respectfully
question or challenge anyone regarding their presence or authorization to use the pool.
5. Opening or leaving the pool gate open for anyone without an electronic pool access pass is prohibited.
6. Persons with skin, eye, ear or gastrointestinal infections are prohibited from using the pool. Infants in
diapers must wear a swim diaper.
7. Should any HOA Member or the HOA Member’s tenants or guests, including young children and infants, soil
the pool requiring its cleanup or closure, the HOA Member will be assessed for each such instance the full cost
of the cleanup incurred by the Association, that cost estimated to be $300 to $1,500.
8. Everyone must wear appropriate and acceptable swimming attire. Small children must wear a bathing suit.
Children requiring flotation devices must be accompanied in the pool by an adult at least 18 years old.
9. Pool is a Bring In/Take Out Facility. Respect your neighbors. Remove your trash.
10. Diving, running, pushing, ball playing – Nerf Balls excepted – profanity and loud or inappropriate behavior
shall result in deactivation of the HOA Member’s electronic pool access pass.
11. Food and beverages within 4 feet of the pool’s edge are prohibited.
12. Smoking – except in the parking lot – animals, alcohol, unlawful substances, glass containers, and personal
cooking grills are prohibited within the fenced area of the pool as well as the clubhouse bathrooms, hallways
and parking lot.
13. Violation of these Pool Rules or zoning laws shall result in revocation of the HOA Member’s authorization to
use the pool, and deactivation of their electronic pool access pass.

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