2 Dartmouth Dr., Lewes,  Delaware 19958

May 1, 2024
Dear Neighbors, 

Thank you to those of you who attended our Spring General Meeting on April 20. 

We had a nice turnout. We reviewed our financials and general matters of interest to our community.

Your annual RMHA dues notice was sent in early January. If you haven’t done so already, please send in your check immediately. The deadline for payment was March 30th. Liens will be placed on the properties of those remaining few who have not yet sent in their payment. In March, your Board filed a lien against the property of one homeowner who had not yet paid a portion of our road assessment.

Our Spring Yard Sale is May 11 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Our Pool opening will be the Memorial Day weekend.

We have a road project planned for April for portions of Dartmouth Drive and Gainsborough Drive. This will be a cost-free improvement to our HOA and is funded by the settlement of litigation we filed against the concrete company which caused the damage to be repaired. Check our bulletin board for the dates of the project.  

As previously noted, we have updated our website and tabs regarding our Articles of Incorporation, Covenants, Amendments, Bylaws - now grouped under 
Operating Documents and Pool Rules. Check it out. Our updated ARC Forms were posted in February 2023. Be sure to review these documents if you have any questions.

Please Take Note: There are still at least 4 different trash and recycling companies operating in Rolling Meadows. To reduce the wear and tear on our roads, we continue to encourage property owners to use the services of Blue Hen as a single vendor for trash/recycling pick-up here in Rolling Meadows. Most do. If everyone would do so, it would eliminate three or more heavy trucks on our roads each week. The RMHA Board will very much appreciate your contribution to the upkeep and preservation of our roads. 

Your Board meets regularly and its members are in communication in between meetings as matters of importance to our community demand. Please feel free to contact our Board at any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. Check the announcement board at our entrance and our website monthly for updates.

HOA/ARC Board Members are: 
Steve Hyle, President: 302-236-3181 / sbhyle@gmail.com
Jim DeTemple, VP Clubhouse Maintenance, Rental and Pool: 610-781-7434 / jimdete@comcast.net
Shelly Finkelstein, VP Roads and Common Area Maintenance: 862-432-2378 / sfrm2016@aol.com
Don Metcalf, Treasurer,: 302-249-4346 / kdkm2@comcast.net          
Charles Azarpour, Secretary: 301-693-5916 / charles.azarpour@verizon.net


  • When walking your dog keep them on the road so you are not trespassing on anyone’s property and pick up after your pets.

  • We have received complaints that certain residents are allowing their dog(s) to bark incessantly. Respect your neighbors and prevent your dog(s) from annoying others around you. 

  • Return your trash cans to their proper storage area after pick up.

  • Trim your grass back away from the road's edge so it doesn't grow into the road berm. Remove grass that has blown onto the road when finished mowing.

  • Obey the 20 mph speed limit. STOP at all STOP SIGNS. We have many walkers, runners, bikers, and children in our community.