2 Dartmouth Dr., Lewes,  Delaware 19958

The Latest Newsletter  

March 1, 2023
Dear Neighbors,
March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. No traffic yet. Peace and quiet reign in downtown Lewes, Cape Henlopen State Park, Prime Hook and, of course, the roads of Rolling Meadows, though there has been and will be for a time construction noise from an adjacent parcel. 

As noted in our previous newsletters, the proposal to raise the annual HOA dues passed by a supermajority vote of our property owners. Under the approved proposal, the dues are $450 for 2023 and $500 for 2024. The dues, unchanged since 2001, were $250. Your 2023 dues invoice for $450 has been mailed. Please send your payment at your earliest opportunity and certainly before the deadline stated in the invoice.

We are still ready for snow but it appears we’ve lucked out this winter. As discussed at our Annual Meeting in October, please note that in an effort to save thousands of dollars in snow removal costs we are going to try to have one push at the end of the snowfall rather than multiple pushes in the midst of the snowfall. Snow will be removed only after at least 3” has fallen. Snow up to 3” won’t be pushed.

Our pool contract is in place for the 2023 season. We have changed to another reputable provider in an effort to save on costs. Our Pool Rules are being updated for the 2023 season and will be posted well in advance of the opening date of the pool.

We still have at least 4 different trash and recycling companies operating in Rolling Meadows. In an effort to reduce the wear and tear on our newly paved/sealed roads, we have for some time been encouraging property owners to use the services of Blue Hen as a single vendor for trash/recycling pick-up here in Rolling Meadows. If everyone would do so, it would eliminate three or more heavy trucks on our roads each week. The RMHA Board will very much appreciate your contribution to the upkeep and preservation of our roads. 

The majority of our homeowners use Blue Hen for their waste services. We encourage all non-Blue Hen homeowners to take advantage of Blue Hen’s rate of $70 a quarter. Your participation serves two purposes: (1) You save money and (2) More importantly, by limiting the number of multiple vendors, it will reduce the number of heavy trash trucks on our roads. This is particularly relevant to preserve the condition of our recently repaved and repaired roads.

We will soon be updating our website and tabs regarding our Covenants, Bylaws and revised Pool Rules for 2023. Our updated ARC forms were posted last February. Be sure to review these documents if you have any questions. Our HOA Directory will be updated and Steve Hyle will distribute it by email soon. If you can’t find it in your inbox, contact Steve and provide him with your email address. 

And now, a literary reference for the month:
Listen, buds, it's March twenty first; 
Don't you know enough to burst? 
Come on, birds, unlock your throats! 
Come on, gardeners, shed your coats!

- Ogden Nash

Your Board meets regularly and its members are in communication in-between meetings to address any issues. Your Board is addressing as appropriate and keeping track of a number of matters of interest to our community. Please feel free to contact our Board at any time with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. Check the announcement board at our entrance and our website monthly for updates.

HOA/ARC Board Members are: 
Steve Hyle, President
302-236-3181 / sbhyle@gmail.com
Jim DeTemple, VP Clubhouse Maintenance, Rental and Pool  
610-781-7434 / jimdete@comcast.net
Shelly Finkelstein, VP Roads and Common Area Maintenance 
862-432-2378 / sfrm2016@aol.com
Don Metcalf, Treasurer
302-249-4346 / kdkm2@comcast.net
Kevin Harrington, Secretary 
425-359-5241 / kevmyles66@gmail.com

  • When walking your dog keep them on the road so you are not trespassing on anyone’s property and don’t forget to pick up after your pets.

  • We have received complaints that certain residents are allowing their dog(s) to bark incessantly. Respect your neighbors and prevent your dog(s) from annoying others around you. 

  • Return your trash cans to their proper storage area after pick up.

  • Trim your grass back away from the road's edge so it doesn't grow into the road berm. Remove grass that has blown onto the road when finished mowing.

  • Push your driveway snow along the edge of your property and not into the middle of our plowed roadways.

  • Obey the 25 mph speed limit. STOP at all STOP SIGNS. We have many walkers, runners, bikers and children in our community.